The members of Fierce Bad Rabbit are four established Northern Colorado musicians magnetically drawn together to create indie pop music with a hook and a heart.
Featuring Chris Anderson (vocals/guitar/piano),
Alana Rolfe (viola/vocals),
Dayton Hicks (bass),
Max Barcelow (drums/percussion),

We had a safe flight to Boston.

Behind us: a truly unforgettable time in El Paso recording our upcoming EP at Sonic Ranch (trying to get it out by midsummer!)

Ahead: a full, east coast week of practice, radio slots, shows, interviews, and time on the road getting there.

Check out the facebook page for details on this here tour-ito… https://www.facebook.com/fiercebadrabbitmusic


Acoustic Sets Can Be So Precious; Recording; Upcoming Tour

It’s always good to see Chris home from Boston.

Of course, the first line of business when a friend is in town for a visit is to give them a real hard time. For a real long time.

So far this time around we’ve been pretty busy. It’s been great having 5 gigs in the last 7 days (between different projects). I love it, I do. We are back on the bandwagon!! No pun intended.

Anyway, for the last couple months we’ve been, more than anything, on our computers and phones making our musical future come to fruition: 1.Booking our February East coast tour- see the website for details; 2.Recording the next EP in January (at the SONIC RANCH I might add - we’re all super-megar pumped for that week); and 3.Getting our online store ready to be up and running (SOON). There’ll be stuff like this:


(that’s where you put some ’Better Days Bourbon’…)

We played Fort Collins’ very own ‘Aggie Theater’ last Thursday. Went well I’d say. We got to play with 'Wire Dogs' (wiredogsmusic.com) which was badass (I mean, they covered ‘feel good hit of the summer’ by QOTSA, and well. Our friends / Denver’s up-and-coming 'Inner Oceans' (http://inner-oceans.com/) also played with us that night! I highly recommend seeing both these bands if you get the chance. Look ‘em up on Youtube. Hey look pictures:

Before the show with our dear, dear friend Lisa Wilson:


Our buddy Dallas at the show with our soon-to-be released video’s protagonist Mr. Fox:


As for the ‘acoustic set’ reference:

We had a truly intimate, dare I say magical, performance last night. We showed up at Chris’ old work, a tiny hole-in-the-wall pub called 'The Forge’, set up in the corner and played a couple sets. Nothing fancy here, just some covers, some new stuff, old stuff. For me it was rather reminiscent of my old band Dovekins. That was more or less the only way we played for a long while: no mics, no amps, playing over and under the murmur and laughter of bar-flies, friends and family. Whether it’s a living room, a boutique, a bar, an art instillation, a gallery, a rooftop, a fire-escape, a park bench or around a fire, there is something undeniably humbling and beautiful about intimately sharing something you’ve created.

Last night made me realize how removed from your songs you inevitably become when playing them the same way, in the same venues, again and again. It reminded me of why I write music and display it for others, and how good it feels to hear the sound reverberate against the walls of the room while absorbing warmly into the ears and souls of its listeners. Let’s just say I recommend it.



Having to Wear Your Winter Clothes Inside - OR - Seeing a Man About a Duck

Despite our kitchen being seemingly empty, we’ve been corresponding like prairie dogs like to tell each other dirty jokes. Here we go:

1. We’re headlining Fort Collins’ own Aggie theater DEC TWELFTH, and we’d like to invite YOU to be there. Stay tuned to hear just who’ll be playing with us, shall be killer.

2. I tuned in to our mate Chris’ solo radio performance/interview the other day on Boston U’s radio station, WTBU. Sounded just like heaven, amigo, and I didn’t even feel weird or ashamed for singing along to some of our own songs. Until now.

Keep an eye/ear out for another, full band appearance next February when we pay the East coast/New England a furious, tourageous visit..

3. !Oye! Some good press on this year’s earlier release, have a looky:

And this here awesome community of music supporters would like to premier our new ‘n upcoming single, ‘do you want me now?’

Here, this is where she’ll be : http://www.rslblog.com/

Ryan's Smashing Life



ps Have you listened to NIN’s latest album ‘hesitation marks’ yet?

Dig it. Our viola extraordinaria, Alana, got to see ‘em play with ‘explosions in the sky’ last night…lucky duck. Here, this was Alana last night:


Is there such a thing as too many Gene Simmonses?

Ok hold on, let’s update with a few snip-bits of the summer’s final farewells and fall’s bold arrival:

First up, playing as KISS at the Fort Collins Tour de Fat.

The answer of course is no. The more the better as far as our stage plot is concerned! As long as Chris is ‘Peter Criss’, and there are plenty of thigh-highs, wigs and leather, there should be as many Gene Simmonses as we can fit in the venue!! I don’t know how else we could have played Tour De Fat, really.

Ah yes! Then there was, of course, the official release/tasting party for our valumptuous ‘Better Days Bourbon’. Thanks again to Fort Collins’ first (legal) distillery ‘Feisty Spirits’.


But then…

Behold: the All-Star Team!!!

Last week while Chris was in town, we trekked down the street to the Blasting Room to put in a few days for a new single! And this time we invited our new buddy Danny Kalb (far left) to help us produce it!! Between Danny and our long time studio-collaborator / wizard, Andrew Berlin, this thing should be totally dragons - keep an ear out.

Friday’s show was fun and sweaty and plaid.

All in all, so far so good this fall. We all survived the floods, the leaves are brilliant, and the fire’s are feelin warm. Time to hunker a bit and write-a-holic our way towards the next album/spring EP.

Cheers friends, and like we said, thanks for an incredible summer,


Taking a little time for some R & R

Hey all!  Thanks so much for all the great shows this summer.  We had such a blast.  We are going into writing mode and are going to be working on a new EP for the fall and we are really excited to go back into the studio.  We hope to see you sometime this winter or in the spring.  Stay tuned.


The Elderly and The Bourbon

The other night something both beautiful and confounding occurred while in the middle of a set we played in Denver…

It was the Sunday night slot at the Taste of Colorado. Good set all things considered. A good time shared by all who attended, including the band. We were clearly beat from playing a non stop summer - August in particular - but giddy all the same, to be together in the almighty van for a short drive, giving Chris a hard time in front of his wife Michelle, to be playing the last show before our schedule slows down a bit for the fall, to have friends sitting next to you, to be playing a festival - those are always good shows.

We were crankin’ them out, enjoying the parade of tents, picnic tables and people surrounding the south Broadway stage, watching disgruntled, older couples move and sway, occasionally yelling something crude to Alana or the band. It was both comical and comforting, I think we were truly enjoying ourselves. Then I heard it:


"Oh my god," I thought, "I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment."

"That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard," I said, thanking the older gentleman who still had his sunglasses on, gray hair dancing in the wind, the glow of vodka in his smile. Honestly, it was the best way I could imagine ending our last long, gig-packed weekend for a bit.

Lads and Lassies, I am proud to mention that I have the honor to present to you, from our collaboration with Fort Collins’ very own Feisty Spirits Distillery…

Better Days Bourbon:

Oh yes. Oh me oh my. Crafted from locally sourced, organic ingredients at Fort Collins’ first distillery, the band and Feisty Spirits all agree that you will enjoy this sweet, smoky nectar. It’s beautiful, it’s tasty, and it’s available starting today at the distillery and from select bars and liquor stores. Label design and artwork by our friend and local artist, Susanna Dominguez. Also included is a QR code on the back for a free download of our song “Better Days”. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

Cheers indeed,


Boston to Colorado to Boston and back and forth..

So, recently I (Chris) moved from Colorado to Boston (old news) and now I have been traveling back and forth for shows that lately have been predominantly in Colorado.  I just got home from a great trip filled with some really fun shows and it was a good week, but it is also nice to be back in my home here in Boston (Watertown, more specifically.)

I have become quite familiar with Boston Logan Airport and DIA (which why is DIA way out in the middle of nowhere? Its such a hassle always getting rides to and from…)  The band plans on working on doing more shows out here on the east in the future, but that is still logistically in the works for next spring.  Currently for the fall we have a lot of really awesome shows I am really looking forward to (see calendar) in Colorado area.  We plan on taking a little bit of time off of shows for the month of November and December (a little holiday breather) and have been writing via email (ala postal service). Which has been actually pretty fun.  The band sorta started in that fashion where I would write something send it off and then we would show up for practice and it was almost like the song had been written.  So that’s been a way of returning to things and maybe makes you realize you’ve taken for granted the times you could get together and jam so easily. But, now when we get together to play it feels like slipping into a comfortable pair of jeans or shoes or race car that your familiar with. 

Currently, I am ever so aware of holding on to all my “R’s” in my speech. Its most difficult when talking to people about streets or places like “Ahlington” or “Whatatown” and you recite it back and its ever so slight…a quick drop of the precise sound of an “R” and boom! you got it (or lost it.) 

Recently I was paid the complement of “sounding” like I was from Colorado…that was a first… (and I’m not sure what exactly that sounds like…?) Also, my bandmates and friends have complimented my new found aggressive driving skills (Alana excluded.) Except, last week I honked at a car on I-25 and Max looked at me and said “really man..?” But, to my defense the car had their blinker on and I was in their blind spot…I would have crushed that guy wicked haaahd.

Over and out,


**Freedom Trails -or- Lola, Grandma and the Tornado**

We flew into Boston.

I guess the storms were bad. Chris was to meet us at the airport almost two hours earlier, but lightning gives folks in the air and on the tarmac an uneasy stomach. Nathanial and I were on the same flight, a jet plane that took off two hours before Alana and Dayton’s. Between waiting to take off, waiting to land, being unable to pull in to the gate, and waiting for a connecting flight to arrive, all four of us met at the passenger pick-up at roughly the same time. The only thing keeping our heads up was the sac of home-baked, chocolate chip cookies our beautiful Krista made sure we left with.

I guess it was that twelve hour travel day or a daunting two day ride through funnel clouds… either way we got here just in time for the dinner bell.

After a victory beer and a good night’s rest, we set off on subways and city buses to the heart of Paul Revere’s home town..

"No, Chris, he’s right over… just.. look to your right. He’s trying… I think he wants to say something to you, Chris.."

(The USS Constitution, “‘Ol Iron Sides” - 1 of 8 in the fleet, never lost a battle, fought off pirates, etc etc)

Now, as we ready ourselves in Chris’s living room, watching footage of the tornadoes ripping through our mother’s midwest, listen to Nathaniel’s nocturnes on the piano and watch as Grandma Boston strolls by, her ears perking up to the sound of keys, all I can think of is..

..pizza and oysters.

Tonight we play Johnny D’s in Somerville. The next few days will bring the joys and excitement of Manhattan, Philly and Brooklyn!!

Here’s to the patriot,


Pre-Tour Rumblies, Kids, and Alana is famous.

Chris just spent a week back in town…It was a week filled with practices galore, shows, and loads of hang-time….

Hey look! Alana and her sister are on the cover of Scene Magazine!


Our publicist and close friend, Dawn Duncan (Yellowbright, Inc.), crafted this article about our music community’s stringed-sisters of rock. Go ahead, pick yourself up a copy and enjoy…

Last Saturday was a show out of the norm. Tellerpalooza (http://tellerpalooza.com/) is a fundraising event for the arts program at Teller Elementary, it was kinda insane:

I shuffled up the stairs to Mercury Cafe’s second floor stage. Strategically forging a path through a turbulent river of youth, past parents and siblings, all in full Teller-Tiger regalia. My drums were loaded in and I found myself alone, unready to take on an entire school of kiddos. I had a few hours to kill so before I tried to stick around, (a task which would require a beer or two…I don’t have kids), I sprinted over to Denver’s City O City for something warm, and caffeinated.

The show was actually a blast. The Merc took care of us, as they always do, the elementary school band/jazz band were impressive to say the very least, and we got to chat up the youngsters as well as make some new parent-core fans. I can’t really say we do this often, but playing for our youth is one of my top favorite things about being a musician…it’s simply and utterly inspiring, they rock out harder than anybody I know.

Next week we take leave for an east coast tour!!! Get yourself and your easterly amigos in on these shows, it’ll be our first visit since forever ago andmy first time out east with the band.

Oh. And we get to play/stay in Chris’s new neck o’ the woods: BOSTON! Which, I’ll have you know, is going swimmingly for him as well as for the band now that we have an awesomely extended musical outreach.



(Source: fiercebad.com)

Last night was just lovely: we met up with Chris, Michele, and much of the 415 gang for some departing laughs, cocktails, as well as tales of our own for the road ahead of our beloved Fierce-Bad-couple. We closed the restaurant, and walked over to take our last glance at their emptied, shampooed, Fort Collins abode. A shot, a beer and a hug later, we said our ‘see ya soons’.
Chris and Michele left this morning for their 4 day trip to Boston, let’s hope it wasn’t too hard to wake up and hit the road (heehee) - Godspeed to our mates!
Here’s to Fierce Bad Rabbit’s next adventure,

Last night was just lovely: we met up with Chris, Michele, and much of the 415 gang for some departing laughs, cocktails, as well as tales of our own for the road ahead of our beloved Fierce-Bad-couple. We closed the restaurant, and walked over to take our last glance at their emptied, shampooed, Fort Collins abode. A shot, a beer and a hug later, we said our ‘see ya soons’.

Chris and Michele left this morning for their 4 day trip to Boston, let’s hope it wasn’t too hard to wake up and hit the road (heehee) - Godspeed to our mates!

Here’s to Fierce Bad Rabbit’s next adventure,